Karsten Reichart

Karsten Reichart

My name is Karsten Reichart. I fly since I became a Pilot at the age of 22.

In 2013, I founded this site. 20 years earlier, in 1993, I became a Pilot and since then personally engage in General Aviation. I am also an Aircraft Mechanic and graduated as Mechanical Engineer from Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany.

Fly & Sim my personal contribution to bring you closer to Aviation, Engineering and Simulation.

In the category Aviation I write posts that deal with the topic and I always try to express a personal view, based on my own year-long experience as Private Pilot.

The category Engineering is related to my professional occupation and is the binding basis for linking the previous topic with the following one.

Designing & building portable, fully integrated Flight Simulators is, besides flying, one of my biggest hobbies. I have realized a couple of prototypes and drafted concepts, ready to be realized.

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If you have any kind of questions, want to provide feedback or contact me personally, please feel free to use the details provided below.

Karsten Reichart